Artesian Baths Accommodation in Moree

The closest Artesian Baths Accommodation is the Maria Motel. Only 50 meters across the road.

The complex has recently undergone a AUD7 million redevelopment so it is a delightful experience for the Marisa Motel guests.

There is plenty of sun shade sails with our guest also able to enjoy a spa massage. Guest will need to book a massage in advance. This can be done by contacting reception at the Maria Motel.

Like many cities in Europe the benefits of natural artesian mineral waters were discovered thousands of years ago and have been used for their curative  and therapeutic powers

The famous Moree Hot Mineral Baths originated in 1895 and still deliver hot mineral waters, heated naturally at 41 degrees Celsius.

fun for families at artesian baths moree walk from maria motel
artesian baths moree near Maria Motel
moree artesean baths1
moree artesian baths 50 meteres from maria Motel