Moree is also known as the Spa Capital of Australia for its natural artesian bore baths. The famous Moree Hot Mineral Baths originated in 1895 when the baths mercurial waters were accidentally discovered. It has since gone through a various transformation and the latest one being a 7 million dollars redevelopment in 2012 into a state of the art Health & Wellness Centre at the Moree Artesian Aquatic Centre. The Moree Artesian Aquatic Centre (MAAC) is Moree’s major tourist attraction home of the Artesian Water, FINA Standard Olympic Pool, Commercial Gym, 10m high Waterslide and Children’s Waterpark.

The Artesian water is derived from underground water, confined and pressurised within a porous and permeable geological formation and are generally between 38°C- 41°C.  The mineral water is extracted from bores which is over 900m deep, which is said to have very beneficial properties.

People from all over the world have enjoyed the healing qualities of the natural hot mineral springs for over one hundred years, especially all over Europe with many cities are steeped in spa culture and their residents use thermal spas for their therapeutic value. We are blessed to have one in the beautiful township of Moree. So, why not take advantage of it and take a trip to Moree!

The baths are visited by over 300,000 people annually, who travel to experience the therapeutic benefits.


Balneotherapy is a form of therapeutic bathing where the mineral-rich water is allowed to absorb through the skin, nourish the organs of the body and in turn aid the body to fight illness and repair tissue damage. This could be mineral-enriched waters that occur naturally in some places such as artesian water or tap water to which therapeutic agents have been added.

Balneotherapy improves the blood circulation rate and level of oxygen-rich blood to the cells, vital organs and tissues.

The Artesian water from MAAC contains many beneficial minerals (bicarbonate, calcium, silica, magnesium, potassium, sodium, sulphate, sulphur, iron & zinc). The therapeutic properties of artesian waters are said to have help with many health conditions including:

  • Relax muscles and ease joint pains and offers arthritic symptom relief.
  • Improves Blood Circulation.
  • Reduces Lower Back Pain, assist in the management of sciatica and nerve troubles.
  • Reduces Back, neck and posture related pain.
  • Provide analgesic and sedative effects.
  • Varicose veins & circulatory disorders like hypertension.
  • Rejuvenate and re-hydrate your skin.
  • Provide relief of symptoms of psoriasis, eczema and other common skin condition.
  • Assist with detoxifying your body’s lymphatic system.
  • Replenish the body’s cells.

Note: Anyone with a health condition should seek medical advice prior to immersing themselves in these waters. It is also recommended that a limit of 20 minutes should be imposed and care should be taken when exiting the pools. Keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water provided at the centre.

Disclaimer: The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional should be sought for your individual specific condition.

moree artesian aquatic centre
moree artesian aquatic centre
moree artesian aquatic centre